New semester, good habits

A new semester is a fresh start, so it’s a good time to introduce — or renew — good habits.  I suggest that you work to cultivate the good habit of staying aware of all of your scholarly obligations.  That means that you should find one place to record all of your assignment due dates and test dates, including the dates of your final exams.

Whether you use your phone’s calendar function or a paper calendar, record all dates in the same place.  If you choose a phone- or computer-based calendar, make sure to back up your information regularly.  Further, many free apps exist for smart phones to help keep track of your assignments and deadlines.  A few of those include: inClass, Evernote, and wunderlist Task Manager.

Whatever form you use, record personal obligations, including social commitments and scheduled military exercises, in the same place as your academic date information.  This will allow you to manage your time more effectively, and that can help your grades.  Good luck on the start of a new and productive semester!


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