ENGL 102 (1:00 PM) Essay two

Context: For this essay, comparison and contrast skills will be our focus. But your body paragraphs’ examples will come from close reading. It will help you to keep in mind that the larger point of this course is to hone your analytical and interpretive skills. So, your discussion will prove some larger, more analytical or interpretive point.

Texts: Parker’s “One Perfect Rose” (580-581), Frost’s “The Rose Family” (available on course website), Collins’s “Roses” (on Slate Magazine online), and Herrick’s “Gather Ye Rose-buds” (available on course website)

Task: You will select two of the assigned texts (but ONLY TWO texts).  Then, in a 3-page essay, you’ll answer the following question:

How do the two poems differ in their presentation of rose symbolism?

Tips to help you:

  • Check the blog posts on this website on grading and on essay expectations.
  • Like Sherlock Holmes, pay attention to detail: the tone, form, and vocabulary of a poem can serve as excellent material for close reading.
  • A strong thesis will have one clear, unifying reason rather than a list of the points that you’re going to make.
  • Focusing on one, and only one, difference will mean that you must discuss that difference in both poems, and in detail.
  • I’ve set up some links for more information on writing introductions and on incorporating quotations into your essay.
  • Remember to look at the syllabus for the instructions on formatting your essay.
  • Try writing an outline in which you list the points that you plan to make in your essay. Knowing your points before you write your draft will help give your essay more strength, unity, and clarity.

Due date: Friday, February 25, 2011


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