ENGL 101, Essay 2

Background: We will continue to emphasize the importance of a strong, well-written, and argumentative thesis.  We will also keep discussing the T.E.A.-style of body paragraphs.  But now, we will also begin to incorporate quotations into your writing.

Texts: “The Super Bowl” (124-126), and
              “Halloween Costumes and Customs” (77-79)

Task: First, you will select a tradition from your culture.  Then, you’ll decide whether you could better compare it to the Superbowl or to Halloween.  Next, you will identify the largest difference between a tradition from your culture and either the Superbowl OR Halloween. Then,I n a 3-page essay, answer the following question:

What is the biggest way that your country’s tradition differs from the U.S. tradition?

Additional expectations: You will use at least two quotations from one of the assigned texts.

Tips to help you:

  • Information on thesis sentences can be found in this post on this website.  One helpful idea to keep in mind is that your thesis should serve as a direct answer to the assignment question (in bold text above).  It might even be easiest to word it something like this, with you filling in the brackets with what you have chosen to focus on: “The biggest difference between [the tradition you chose from your culture] and [the Superbowl OR Halloween] is [the one reason that you think best sums up the difference between the two].
  • Remember that your thesis’s rationale needs to unify the reasons that you will provide in your body paragraphs.
  • We’ll discuss using quotations, but remember that using a quotation means more than just dropping a quotation into your writing; each quotation MUST be tagged.

Schedule of Important Dates:
Tuesday, March 1ROUGH DRAFT DUE. Bring your rough draft to class; we will spend class time strengthening your draft.  THERE WILL BE A ROUGH DRAFT GRADE, SO BRING A FULL ROUGH DRAFT.

Tuesday, March 8 FINAL DRAFT DUE.