ENGL 101 Reading and Assignment Schedule, Spring 2011

When a text is discussed in class, you should already have read it.  So, for example, you will need to have read “Subs, Heroes, Grinders, and Hoagies” (16-17) before class begins on Thursday, January 27.  The only exception is 1/18’s text “Ghosts in the White House,” which we will read in class.

R 1/13 — Introduction to course, review of syllabus, review of parts of speech

T 1/18 — Review basics of essay writing, discuss fact vs. opinion, read “Ghosts in the White House” (154-156), discuss of fragments and run-ons
R 1/20 — Discuss Essay 1, sentence variety, inductive reasoning, pre-writing, and capitalization, discuss reading strategies

T 1/25 — Discuss personal narrative vs. formal collegiate writing, discuss logical fallacies, discuss commas
R 1/27 — Discuss “Subs, Heroes, Grinders, and Hoagies” (16-17), discuss titles

T 2/1 — Discuss paragraph functions, work with thesis statements, discuss semi-colons
R 2/3 — Discuss introductions and conclusions, discuss present vs. present progressive verb tense

T 2/8 — ESSAY 1 ROUGH DRAFT DUE, in-class work on revision, review article use
R 2/10 — Discuss apostrophes, review paragraph structure, discuss transitions

T 2/15 — ESSAY 1 DUE, discuss essay 2, discuss difference between informative writing and argumentative writing.discuss idioms
R 2/17 — EXAM 1

T 2/22 — Discuss homonyms, discuss quotations, discuss “The Super Bowl” (124-126)
R 2/24 — Discuss “Halloween Costumes and Customs” (77-79), discuss parallelism

T 3/1 —  ESSAY 2 ROUGH DRAFT DUE, in-class work on revision  
R 3/3 — Discuss pronoun/antecedent agreement, review first-, second-, and third-person writing

T 3/8 – ESSAY 2 DUE, discuss essay 3, discuss audience and purpose
R 3/10 —  Discuss misplaced modifiers, discuss “Style in America” (53-55), review thesis statements

T 3/15 — In-class workshop of ONE BODY PARAGRAPH from ESSAY #3, review for exam 2
R 3/17 –  EXAM 2

T 3/22 – ESSAY 3 ROUGH DRAFT DUE, in-class work on revision, discuss essay 4, discuss research and scholarly sources
R 3/24 –  ESSAY 3 DUE. Library instruction session.  Class meets in the first-floor Daniel Library computer lab.


T 4/5 — Discuss works cited pages and citation formatting
R 4/7 — In-class work on quoting sources

T 4/12 — Review transitions and commas, discuss plagiarism
R 4/14 — ESSAY 4 ROUGH DRAFT DUE, in-class work on revision

T 4/19 — ESSAY 4 DUE, discuss idioms
R 4/21 – Discuss ENGL 102, discuss college writing

T 4/26 — Course evaluations, review for final
8:00 AM THURSDAY, 4/28 – FINAL EXAM.  There is NO alternate time for the final, so adjust your travel plans accordingly.