ENGL 101, Essay 4

Background: This last essay for ENGL 101 is meant as a way for you to show how much you’ve learned about writing, so we’ll use class time to review the structural and grammatical lessons that we’ve covered over the last academic year.  But we’ll add research to the list of skills that you have mastered.

Texts: You will find and use at least two sources that you have found through your own research

Task: Read several sources to gain insight into this issue.  Then, in a 4- to 5-page essay, answer the following question:

What one change would make the most positive impact on the health of Americans?

Tips to help you:

  • This essay asks you to come up with your own opinion.  The stance has been provided for you: one change would make a bigger impact than any other.  Now, you must provide what that change is.  One helpful idea to keep in mind is that your thesis should serve as a direct answer to the assignment question (in bold text above).
  • Remember that your thesis’s rationale needs to unify the reasons that you will provide in your body paragraphs. DO NOT provide a list of reasons in your thesis.
  • Remember that using a quotation means more than just dropping a quotation into your writing; each quotation MUST be tagged.
  • Don’t ignore the requirement of including at least two sources — this is an important part of this essay.

Schedule of Important Dates:
Thursday, April 14 – Rough draft due. Bring your rough draft to class; we will spend class time strengthening your draft. THERE WILL BE A ROUGH DRAFT GRADE, SO BRING A FULL ROUGH DRAFT.

Tuesday, April 19 FINAL DRAFT DUE.