ENGL 101, Essay 3

Background: We will continue to emphasize argumentative thesis statements, T.E.A.-style body paragraphs, and strong quotation integration.  But analysis will be the most important element of your essay, so we will spend some time in class both discussing and practicing analysis.

People often dismiss clothing as unimportant.  But the two readings for this assignment assume that clothing matters a great deal.  You’re going to explain why this might be so.

Texts: “Style in America” (Altano 53-55)
                Hansen, Randall. “When Job-Hunting, Dress for Success” (online)

Task: Read the two articles.  Then, in a 3-page essay, answer the following question:

Why do clothes matter?

Additional expectations: You will use at least two quotations from one or both of the assigned texts.

Tips to help you:

  • This essay asks you to come up with your own opinion.  The stance has been provided for you: Clothes matter.  Now, you must provide a rationale, or a reason why. The best way to do this is to write a thesis that fills in this blank: “Clothes matter because ____________.”
  • One helpful idea to keep in mind is that your thesis should serve as a direct answer to the assignment question (in bold text above).
  • Remember that your thesis’s rationale needs to unify the reasons that you will provide in your body paragraphs. DO NOT provide a list of reasons in your thesis.
  • Remember that using a quotation means more than just dropping a quotation into your writing; each quotation MUST be tagged.

Schedule of Important Dates:
Tuesday, March 15 – One body paragraph due.

Thursday, March 17ROUGH DRAFT DUE. Bring your rough draft to class; we will spend class time strengthening your draft. THERE WILL BE A ROUGH DRAFT GRADE, SO BRING A FULL ROUGH DRAFT. Those who didn’t bring their rough draft last time earned a zero for their rough draft grade, which counts as a daily activity grade.  Don’t do that with essay 3’s rough draft!

Tuesday, March 22 FINAL DRAFT DUE.