ENGL 101, Essay 1

Background:  We’ve started a new semester, but the rules of writing essays are still the same.  The main goal is to express an opinion and give justification for it.  So, in this first essay of the spring semester, the focus will be on writing a strong thesis and creating strong supporting paragraphs that prove that thesis.

Text:  “Subs, Heroes, Grinders, and Hoagies” (16-17)

Task:  We’ve read an essay that emphasizes the importance of sandwiches across the United States, even though different people call them by different names.  Now, you’ll think about the food that is important in your culture.  In a 2- to 2 ½ -page essay, answer the following question:

Why is the food that you’ve chosen important to your home culture?

Tips to help you:

  • Information on thesis sentences can be found in this post on this website.
  • Remember that your thesis’s rationale needs to unify the reasons that you will provide in your body paragraphs.

Schedule of Important Dates:
Tuesday, February 8ROUGH DRAFT DUE.  Bring your rough draft to class; we will spend class time strengthening your draft.

Tuesday, February 15 FINAL DRAFT DUE.